The Potemkin Mosaic

Firebird Creative
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The Potemkin Mosaic is the dream journal of a man who is losing his mind. Black market dream doctor Harry Potemkin edits people's memories for a living, and when he suspects that his own memories are being edited, he starts writing down his dreams. As Harry deconstructs his dreams, he discovers that he—Harry Potemkin—may not be a real person. His entire life might be nothing more than a persona adopted by someone else as a way of coping with mental trauma. 

As Harry falls farther and farther into the dream world, he discovers both a secret history of dreams and a covert conspiracy run by a pharmaceutical corporation who has been testing mind-altering drugs on unknown patients for decades. 

The Potemkin Mosaic turns traditional narrative problems on their heads. Harry's investigation into his identity is a surreal, self-devouring tour de force into the associative dreamscapes of contemporary consciousness. Who are we? may be the ultimate question we all face, but Harry takes it one step further and wonders: Who are we when we dream, and is that our true identity?

Originally presented as an online hypertextual narrative, this edition has been revisited, reassembled, and renewed in accordance with the true faith of the oneironaut's journey. It includes the undiscovered thirteenth dream. 

  • Revised, Revisited, and Renewed: the Ultimate Edition

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    468 pages
  • Revised, Revisited, and Renewed: the Ultimate Edition
  • Print Book468 pages
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The Potemkin Mosaic

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